From reveille to marches to taps, music plays an important role in the lives of warriors. And perhaps even more in the aftermath of war. Our veterans and wounded warriors can benefit from the healing power of music. This is what I firmly believe, and is now being proven by the medical and scientific communities.

I am donating all sales of my book WARRIOR MUSIC for one week, Nov 8-15, to coincide with Veterans Day Nov 11. Donations will be given to WARRIOR CRY MUSIC PROJECT, a group of fantastic volunteers who work with wounded warriors at bases around the country, from the East coast to the Hawaiian islands.

It is reduced to $0.99! So, please, for less than a cup of coffee, you can download the book which will benefit our Vets AND you will receive a FREE Photobook. Just click on this link to enter your Amazon purchase # to receive your free book. You can of course also gift it to friends or family (don’t forget the upcoming Holidays!)


Let’s remember their sacrifice and get some results for them! Thank you!


Please download, share, tweet, spread the news.

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